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Sports Medicine and MSK. Imaging Solutions Made Possible

We held our second Medical Imaging Sport event in partnership with Manchester United Football Club in November 2019

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Manchester United Football Club’s Old Trafford stadium recently played host to an event dedicated to the world of sports medicine. The occasion, hosted by Canon Medical Systems UK, drew together clinicians, researchers and industry experts to discuss how medical imaging can assist elite sports and the wider public with injury prevention, earlier diagnosis and faster rehabilitation.

Best practice and clinical research speakers included Dr Steve McNally, Head of Football Medicine & Science at Manchester United Football Club, Dr Guido Pieles, Consultant Congenital Cardiologist at Bristol Heart Institute and University of Bristol and Dr Gil Rodas, Team Doctor & Medical Director Barca Innovation Hub from FC Barcelona.

Sporting partnerships giving greater insight into the anatomical and physiological understanding of the human body to prevent, diagnose and recover from illness and injury. Potential to positively cascade into wider healthcare development of screening programmes or more detailed treatment planning,” states Mark Hitchman.

09:55 "A football Club Medical Imaging Department – Progression to the Next level"
Dr. Steve McNally / Head of Football Medicine & Science / Manchester United Football Club
10:30 "State of The Art Cardiac Performance Monitoring in Elite Sports Club"
Dr. Guido Pieles / Consultant Congenital Cardiologist / Bristol Heart Institute and University of Bristol
11:00 Manchester United Special Guest Speaker
Denis Irwin
11:50 "Improvements of Image Post-Processing in MSK Imaging"
Pr. Teixeria / MSK Radiologist / Hôpital Central, CHRU-Nancy
12:10 "The Use of MRI Imaging in Managing Sports Injuries in Elite & Recreational Athletes"
Andrew Unwin / Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon / The Windsor Knee Clinic
12:40 "MR Discovery Linking Muscle Typology and Football Injury Risk"
Professor Wim Derave / Department of Movement and Sports Sciences / Ghent University
14:10 "The Power of Movement: Functional Sonography"
PD Dr. Alexander Loizides / Professor / Medical University Innsbruck
14:40 "The Power of Multimodality - US and/or MRI in Sports Imaging"
PD Dr. Tobias De Zordo / Specialist for Radiology / Brixsana private clinic
15:35 "From Genomics to Return to Play in Professional Team-Sport Players: FC.Barcelona Experience"
Dr. Gil Rodas / FCBarcelona Medical Department / FC. Barcelona
16:05 "Improvements in Image Visualization"
Dr Ken Sutherland / President / Canon Medical Research Europe
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