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If you’re looking to improve your existing clinical imaging or need to acquire business management skills, then you’re in the right place. We focus on three areas of the highest quality training and education; interactive, hands-on learning on all imaging modalities and clinical specialisms, as well as clinically focused personal and professional development courses and business management skills.


Tuesday 8th October 2019

About the course
This course covers the application of duplex, pulsed wave, colour and power Doppler techniques in the investigation of the following vasculature:
a) Abdominal
b) Extra and intra-cranial
c) Peripheral

“Clinical lectures supported with practical hands-on workshops facilitated by professionally qualified demonstrators. Models and a range of ultrasound systems are provided in the workshops, with the opportunity to use a limb phantom for training in ultrasound monitoring of EVLA procedures.

Clinical lectures also include Ultrasound imaging in surgical procedures and an artefacts and errors guide. Specific clinical lectures include:

Normal vasculature and variants
Examination protocols
Currently accepted diagnostic criteria
Case histories
Pitfalls in interpretation”  

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Saturday 2nd November 2019

About the course
This is a one day course on ultrasound colour duplex imaging of the deep and superficial venous system. The course is a combination of lectures, demonstrations and workshop sessions with normal volunteers, and is designed to cover both the investigation protocols and diagnostic criteria of these techniques and their application to the surgical procedures of EVLT, RFA and sclerotherapy.

The emphasis will be on the practical hands-on scanning techniques using the current range of ultrasound systems and there will be opportunity to train on a limb phantom for ultrasound guided EVLT procedures.

Basic principles of ultrasound imaging
Haemodynamics and Doppler ultrasound techniques
Lower limb deep venous system
Lower limb superficial venous system
Upper limb venous system
Ultrasound imaging in surgical practice.

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